Provision of Riggers
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UK Rigging are the leading suppliers of production riggers for tours and events in the entertainment industry. Clients choose to use us for the following reasons:

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Be aware when choosing your production rigger supplier

Tour managers, production manager and promoters reps need to be aware that responsibility, and consequently liability, may fall to you if an accident occurred. You must be able to demonstrate that the company you employ to provide your riggers is competent to do so and fully compliant with current legislation and procedures.

Knowingly selecting companies who are not compliant, which may lead to dangerous working practices can result in personal fines or a prison sentence. Therefore, make sure you the company you choose can prove to you how they will ensure their work will be done safely!

Rigging is an extremely dangerous occupation and accidents are life-threatening and can be catastrophic!

UK Rigging Endorse the NRC

We are committed to the following PLASA statement:

"Our Venue / Company is committed to adopting the National Rigging Certificate (NRC). From September 2010 we will only appoint contractors/suppliers carrying out rigging work who have either registered with PLASA to take their assessment, or who have qualified as a Rigger holding the NRC ID Skills Card for Level 2 Rigger or Level 3 Rigging Supervisor.

From January 2012 we will require that all rigging work be carried out by contractors/suppliers that hold the NRC ID Skills Card for Level 2 Rigger or Level 3 Rigging Supervisor. Trainees will be working in conjunction with someone holding the NRC Card at Level 2 or above.

We believe that this will support a culture of health and safety awareness and maintain best practice'."

To read more about the PLASA NRC endorsement scheme click here

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