PLASA National Rigging Certificate
The PLASA National Rigging Certificate (NRC)
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The PLASA National Rigging Certificate (NRC) is the qualification for entertainment industry riggers. It is not a training course, it is purely an exam, which you take to prove your competence in rigging.

At present, the NRC is at level 2 and 3.

Level 2 is a two day practical, written and verbal exam for an 'everyday working rigger', it is a very thorough examination and we advise you to have been rigging regularly for a year or two before taking this exam. To achieve Level 3, the 1 day Centre Assessment comprises of a risk assessment and written examination, followed by an on-site assessment supervising a team rigging and working at height.

To take your NRC
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In order to take your National Rigging Certificate (NRC), you must register with PLASA which will cost 150 + VAT. They will then send you out a pack with a handbook, which is like a detailed syllabus of everything you need to know before your exam, so you can go through it and see what you need to know to brush up if necessary before the assessment.

The pack will contain information about the different centres that offer the NRC and details of what you need to do to take your assessment when you are ready. Once you have registered, you have two years to complete your NRC.

Are you ready to take your NRC?

As the NRC is an exam, you need to already be competent before you take it.

Two main elements make a person competent: EXPERIENCE + TRAINING.

The best way to establish whether you are ready to take your NRC is to get hold of a PLASA NRC handbook and have a good read through it. This will help you identify whether you are ready to take your NRC or what you need to do (brush up training / more experience and practice) before you are ready to take your NRC exam.

PLASA Trainee Rigger Scheme

PLASA is currently developing a scheme to provide those who wish to become riggers with the information they need to gain the training and experience they need to become competent and ready to be assessed at NRC Level 2.

If you are interested in being contacted with updates on when the scheme will be launched register your interest here.

The NRC Endorsement Scheme

Many companies (including UK Rigging) have signed up to the NRC endorsement scheme, where by September 2010 we will make a commitment to only use riggers who are formally registered to the NRC scheme, with the aim to only employ qualified NRC Riggers from January 2012. This timeline gives plenty of opportunity for those currently working in the industry as riggers to take their assessment.

If you wish to read more, please visit the PLASA website.

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